HOPE 18 sosp.250W E27

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Incredibly light and easy to assemble, Hope represents the magic of traditional lamps, reinterpreting them with sophisticated technologies and contemporary materials.

A series of thin polycarbonate Fresnel lenses, created using imprinted microprisms on polycarbonate film to achieve a dioptric effect similar to glass (without any limitations in terms of space, thickness and weight), multiply the light from the light source, recreating a pleasant, glittery and party-like atmosphere, sprinkled with thousands of shards of light like the diamond which inspired the name: Hope. Hope – the fruit of a brilliant project and manufacturing process – has been designed for use with any type of light source: the latest generation of halogens and energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs.


Materials Structure in polished stainless steel and transparent polycarbonate. Low thickness films with fresnel lens in transparent polycarbonate
Polished and transparent
Difuser Colors transparent
Energy Class here
Versions Indoor
Dimensions H max 270 cm Ø 72 cm
Data Sheet
Light bulb



Artikelnummer PLAN_1D6618S00000
Brand Luce Plan
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Umgebung Indoor-Lampe
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