Bap LED Bianco Tavolo

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Specifically designed to provide correct lighting when used with computer monitors, the new BAP with LED source guarantees the best colour temperature with a lower energy consumption. The slim and elegant head integrates a blue polycarbonate filter. Extremely essential in design, the lamp features special movements to keep the source of light parallel to the table surface, thus keeping reflections under control and avoiding light interference with the monitor. 
Light bulb
Materials aluminium body, glass-reinforced nylon head
Difuser Colors white
Versions Indoor



Artikelnummer PLAN_1D19LL002TKIT
Brand Luce Plan
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Design Keine Angabe
Umgebung Indoor-Lampe
Leuchtmittel enthalten Ja
Sockel LED-Modul
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Anzahl Beleuchtung Keine Angabe
Lumen Keine Angabe
Farbtemperatur(K) Keine Angabe
Serie Keine Angabe
Kategorie Keine Angabe
Farbe Keine Angabe
Material Keine Angabe
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Höhe (cm) Keine Angabe
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Tiefe (cm) Keine Angabe
Durchmesser (cm) Keine Angabe
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